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In today’s fast-paced world, technology has made life more convenient for everyone, including the hospitality industry. Restaurants and hotels are constantly looking for ways to improve their customer experience, and Webbeatit Solutions’ HO.RE.CA application offers a great solution for that. This innovative platform offers three types of services that can benefit restaurants and hotels immensely.


Delivery Application without the commissions


Firstly, Webbeatit Solutions’ HO.RE.CA application provides a delivery service that is similar to e-food  UberEats etc but without the commission on sales. This means that restaurants can save money on commissions and offer their customers more affordable options for food delivery.

The delivery service can be integrated seamlessly with the restaurant’s website or social media page, making it easy for customers to order food online.

With the pandemic’s impact on the world, online delivery has become an essential part of the food ordering and hospitality industry, and the Webbeatit Solutions’ HO.RE.CA application can provide a convenient and cost-effective way for restaurants and hotels to offer this service.

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Dine In Application via QR Codes and NFC Technology.


Secondly, the HO.RE.CA application offers a table ordering service that enables customers to order by themselves from their table by scanning a QR code or placing their phone on the stand using NFC technology , on their phones it will automatically open the application for online ordering.  This feature provides a contactless ordering process that reduces the need for interaction between customers and waiters, thereby minimizing the risk of transmission of diseases such as COVID-19. Moreover, it can reduce the workload of waiters and allow them to focus on other aspects of their job. The table ordering service can also improve customer satisfaction by reducing the waiting time for orders and providing customers with more control over their ordering process.

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Table reservation Application.


Finally, the HO.RE.CA application offers a table reservation service that enables customers to reserve tables in advance and even pre order their meals This feature is particularly helpful during peak hours when customers may have to wait in long queues to get a table. By enabling customers to reserve tables in advance, restaurants can reduce customer waiting times and improve customer satisfaction. Moreover, the table reservation feature can help restaurants manage their capacity and avoid overbooking, leading to a more efficient and profitable operation.


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In conclusion, the Webbeatit Solutions’ HO.RE.CA application offers a comprehensive set of services that can benefit restaurants and hotels in multiple ways. By providing a cost-effective delivery service, a contactless table ordering service, and a table reservation service, the HO.RE.CA application can help restaurants and hotels improve their customer experience, reduce their operational costs, and increase their revenue. In today’s competitive hospitality industry, adopting innovative technologies like the HO.RE.CA application can make a significant difference in attracting and retaining customers.





In addition to the aforementioned benefits of the HO.RE.CA application, there is another significant advantage that restaurant owners can take advantage of. Due to the ongoing labor shortage, many restaurant owners are struggling to find employees to cover their business. This shortage of staff can lead to reduced efficiency, longer wait times for customers, and ultimately, loss of revenue.

The HO.RE.CA application can help alleviate some of the pressure on restaurant owners who are struggling to find employees. With the table ordering service, customers can order food directly from their table, reducing the need for waiters. This can allow restaurants to operate with a smaller staff and still maintain a high level of customer service. Additionally, the table reservation feature can help restaurants manage their capacity more effectively, reducing the need for additional staff during peak hours.

Moreover,  the HO.RE.CA application can also help restaurant and Hotel owners cope with the labor shortage. With the increasing demand for online delivery, business owners may need to hire additional staff to manage delivery orders. However, with the HO.RE.CA delivery service, business owners can manage delivery orders in-house, reducing the need for additional staff and saving big on labor costs.

In conclusion, the HO.RE.CA application not only offers a range of services to improve the customer experience and increase revenue, but it also provides a solution to the current labor shortage crisis in the hospitality industry. By enabling restaurants to operate more efficiently and with fewer staff, the HO.RE.CA application can help  owners and managers  cope with the challenges of the current labor market and continue to provide high-quality service to their customers.

Stop paying high commissions

Website / Ordering and table reservation all in one, Facebook and Mobile application for Android and iOS devices Iphone-Ipad.

Our system enables you to receive online orders directly without e-intermediaries retaining large proportions of your revenue.

Receive orders from your customers directly.

Manage your online ordering autonomously, just like you do in your own store. Customers are also ordering from other places. The most effective solution for winning and acquiring new ones is to work with your own integrated, modern and efficient platform.


NFC technology

Contactless catalog easily, quickly.

Our system lets you get your own contactless product catalog instantly ,easily and quickly.

Take your customers’ experience to the next level

Allow your customers to view your product catalog easily and quickly via their mobile phone or tablet directly from their table, hotel room, sunbed or the comfort of their home.

Receive orders directly
from your customers via NFC

Combine contactless catalog with the online ordering service, and enable your customers to order and pay contactless and safe from their mobile phone.

Introducing a revolutionary approach for business owners to reduce expenses while enhancing the customer experience.

Customers can now order their meals, cocktails, and more directly at their table by simply tapping their phone using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. This convenient and innovative solution streamlines the ordering process, saving time and resources for both customers and business owners.

Upon completion of an order, the restaurant manager will receive a notification through the app indicating the specific table number for delivery. The system allows for flexible printing options, including at the counter, kitchen, or outdoor bar, ensuring prompt and efficient service. The notification can be accessed on mobile devices or tablets for added convenience.



With our food booking application, restaurant owners have the ability to easily run promotions and reach their target audience. Our platform provides the tools and resources needed to create and launch effective promotions that drive traffic and increase bookings. Whether it’s a discount, limited-time offer, or special menu item, our platform makes it easy for restaurant owners to reach their customers and promote their brand.

Our application also provides real-time insights and analytics, so restaurant owners can track the success of their promotions and make informed decisions about their marketing efforts. This level of control and visibility allows restaurants to optimize their promotions for maximum impact and return on investment.

By utilizing our platform, restaurant owners can save time, increase their marketing reach, and ultimately drive more sales and revenues for their business.

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Who is it for

  • Restaurant
  • Cocktail & Pool Bars
  • Grill House
  • Souvlaki Restaurant
  • Hotels for Room Ordering
  • Burger House
  • Pizza Restaurant
  • Fast Food Restaurant
  • Street Food Place
  • Cafeteria / Café
  • Creperie
  • Beach Bars
  • Delicatessen
  • Liquor Shop
  • Bakery
  • Grocery shop
  • Butcher shop
  • Fish shop
  • Candy store
  • Mini Market

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Costas karradimas

A wonderful way to cut costs from all the delivery companies in the market. highly recommended for coffee shops and restaurants.

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Vincenzo Luigi
Head Chef

We let  Webbeatit to create our delivery and booking website and it was a real pleasure working with these guys. 

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Sergio Fabiano
Head executive Chef

The fact that you do not have to pay high commissions on your sales on delivery platforms is unbelievable. Webbeatit saved our family business.