360º Webshops

Nowadays, through this revolutionary technology, we have the ability to enable our customers to visit our physical store remotely as if they were there themselves. We achieve this by creating a 360 webshop.


Especially now that we are going through a period of pandemic due to coronavirus . This solution is the most efficient way nowadays for today’s business to increase sales of their products.

Using  Matterport™ technology, we create a 3D digital rendering of any space in your company to present your brand and your products in an innovative and interactive way while maintaining a high degree of customer experience.

The high precision of details and freedom of movement in the virtual environment offer an appealing virtual experience which promotes a relationship with current and future customers, enabling new online sales solutions that are faster and more efficient than traditional processes. The user experience is greatly improved by having a high quality presentation of products accompanied by multimedia content with detailed information, images, videos and data sheets.

In addition, the integrated video call tool allows you to accompany customers through a guided session and offers remote assistance with the support of VR glasses.

Other use cases

Apart from the creation of 360º web shops this technology can be implemented in various business sectors such as the following.